Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 10th Happy Birthday Nikki

So I woke up to this on my 30th birthday and 30* F weather. I wasn't very happy. My dad said he sent it to me as a present. Just one more reason to try to get us to move down to Phoenix next year. Thanks Dad I loved it. It was melted by the end of the day and I got my real present from Derek, a wooden holder for all my stamp ink pads. My friend who sells Stamp in Up has an amazingly talented husband who makes the wooden box holder. I was very happy by the end of the night to get that and not have my ink pads strewn all over my craft table.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Derek

So Derek turned 32 today. I can't believed it seems like just yesterday we were just meeting and he still looked like a Deacon. J/K honey. Guess this just means we aren't young anymore and have to start acting like grown-ups. Probably though Derek won't. Wyatt thought it was so fun when Derek opened his presents that he had to help rip all the paper off too.