Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 1st day outfits

So I thought that my fashion sister would enjoy these pictures of the kids in the outfits. And I thought it would be fun for her and Nana to see their stylish new shoes. Enjoy

This says Champion on the shoe. Tanis was moving so it came out blurry.

First day of School

I can't not even tell you how excited all of us are for the first day. Ok so maybe it is all mom's excitement but that's ok.

Guess it's not cool anymore to look at mom for a picture when you get to 4th grade.

There they go BYE!!!!

A few Highlights from August

So I thought I would just highlight some of the month and not post like a million posts. It was a long month for mom but we also had some good times.We had constant Light Saber wars.
Wyatt loves to play now and will bring you the light saber if it is closed and grunt to ask you to open it.

A family party for Tanis's birthday

Wyatt has learned the art of climbing. Mostly on to the table, so I have had to make sure it is constantly empty or we get this him with a box of cereal or a dumped glass of liquid.

A day at the Moscow pool. I am such a bad mom I only took pictures of Wyatt. He thought the water spouts were so fun to push down and spent a long time doing it. The fact is the other 2 were almost never to be found swimming with all their friends.

Climbing into bed with brother one night.

Ashley's birthday and she had to have a Hannah Montana cake. This is the only time it is allowed in my home. Only because I don;t want to encourage Ashley to grow any faster than she is.

All in all it was a fun month.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tanis's Madlib

This was really cute. We were at Shari's Restaurant last night and while we wait for the food Tanis had us picking the words to go in the blanks. It was on the sheet they give them to play while they wait for their food. So here it is:

My name is PopPop but you can call me Kelly. On Halloween I was playing throwing with my good friend George W. Bush. We wanted to see the White House but didn't have 10 dollars to ride the car. We started walking to find some pizza to eat because our stomachs were saying bang. After finding a lost deer who could tickle it was time for me to go home to New York. What a holy cow day!

Hope you enjoy PopPop!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scrapbook Layouts

I thought it would be fun for you all to see my layouts as I get some of my favorites done. I am in a monthly kit club where we have challenges that are given to us to accomplish in our layouts and I really enjoy doing and going to see what everyone has done.

This layout I actually did for a contest at the store and I won 3rd place. I was shocked because one of my favorite ladies that scrapbooks won 2nd and I think her stuff is amazing and could win magazine contests.

These 2 layouts were for last months club. On the page with Trisia the challenge was to highlight words in our journaling. I actually made that page to send to Deanna to put in Trisia's book. It will be hard to give up because I love how it turned out.

Olympics-Video Games

This is a funny and cute thing that happened on Sunday. Our dinner was finishing cooking and Tanis and I were sitting in the living room together watching the Olympics. He asked me,"Mom how do you make it to the Olympics?" and I said,"You have to be the best athlete from your country." "I don't think I can do that, Mom" and I told him "You can do anything you want to." He then said,"Is there video gaming at the Olympics" it took everything for me to not laugh. I told him no and then told him some of the sports that are in the summer Olympics. Guess he's played way to many video games this summer. Or he's just his father's son. Either way it was way cute for him to think that he would be able to make it to the Olympics playing a video game. Got to love the innocences of children.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So this is not normal for me to just write thoughts and not have any pictures but today I felt like I really needed to just write. I have been thinking a lot about trials lately considering this seems to be my life for the last 10 years or more. I feel like as I look back there hasn't been a month where there wasn't some type of trial. We get over one and then a few days latter another one comes into our lives. Sometimes because we have caused it and other timed there is nothing that we have done it just comes. My sister said to me in June that Heavenly Father is making you a saint and I told her I am done being made a saint. I just want to have a month of blessings and not have to feel like I am always trying to keep it together and find strength to get through the trials. Maybe I am just not humble enough to see those blessings that are there and that is why I am constantly being tried. This last trial I am having has really thrown me for a loop. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan but I really don't understand this one right now. I feel like I try so hard to live righteously and to teach my children the gospel that I should be able to have just 1 desire granted on my time table and it wasn't even an unrighteous desire. I just wanted to have a baby planned. Now I don't know what is going to happen or if we are even suppose to have another baby. I know this will take time to grieve through this miscarriage and then figure out what we are suppose to do with the Lord. I often have tried to look around at others and see that they too are going through trials and to realize that it is hard for them too. This time though I feel so drained and lost. I just keep praying that I will feel the comfort I need to through this. I often wonder did I really agree to all of this in the premortal existence because I must have been pretty stupid to have thought I could handle all of this. Well enough of the whoa is me. I need to look to the 3 beautiful children He has given me and enjoy them for now.