Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 events for January

So this month we had three great events. First Ashley had her ballet recital and it was the Peter Pan Production. Then Tanis had Pinewood Derby which he had fun making his car. I would say this was probably the hardest year of it for mom though. Derek wasn't around to guide Tanis at all so I had to take him to get it weighed in and it had no weights on it and the wheels weren't attached. To say the least after that night I was in tears watching all these dads with their boys and their perfect cars come into get weighed. I really hate those dads out there who do the entire thing for their boy. That is what makes the boys who do their own cars sad (and their parents) because they aren't ever winning any of the races. How do you teach your children creativity, about winning and losing, and good sportsmanship if you are the one making the car. So we had a few boys who's dads did their cars and of course they are the ones going to districts. I guess I now know how Derek has felt these past few years about it all. Our last event for the month was Wyatt's birthday. He turned 2 on the 24th and I can't believe he is that old. We had his party at McDonald's and just let the kids play and then had cake and presents. It sure is fun to watch 2 yr. old's learn about birthday parties. He loved everything he got. All in all we had a great fun month.