Monday, August 23, 2010

July in Peoria

We had our 4th of July celebration at my mom and dad's and thought it would be fun to do a few fire works on the pool. Fireworks are illegal here because of how dry it is so we thought we'll just do them in the pool and that way there was lots of water.

This is the delicious trifle that my sister Kelsie made for 4th of July. Man I love trifle.

We went to one of the other ward buildings that is only like a mile from our house with some of our friends from the ward to watch the fireworks. So here is everyone but me of course I am behind the camera.

Derek and I got to go to Utah to see his niece get married. Chelsey and Gerson Ortega July 27th at the Salt Lake Temple. It was beautiful.

My mom had some free passes to the children's museum so we took the kids and they loved it.

Elora starting walking this month

Tanis turned 11 and had lots of fun playing video games with his friend Dakota

Here is one of the shots from Elora's 1st birthday pics. They all were amazing.

We also had the kids get a up to date photo with American theme so we could have one in our bedroom. Oh how I love America.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sisters Wedding Invitations

I have been making the invitations for my sisters wedding that is October 9th and I am getting down to the last bit of them so I thought I would share the finished product. It has taken me weeks to do them but I love creating crafty things and I think they turned out so good. On the leaf I used stickles and watered them down and then used a paint brush to paint it on the leaf. It looks awesome. I hope she loves them. When I am done this week with them it is on to sewing 7 dresses. I will post pictures of them as I get them done.