Friday, March 20, 2009

Tanis's Science Fair Project Trials

So now that Tanis is in 4th grade he has to do a project for the Science fair. He decided to do one were we saw how many books egg shells could hold. So he 1st started with 2 eggs and found that only 2 books would balance on them. So the next one was 3 eggs and then 4 eggs. We found out that 4 eggs obviously could hold more books then the others. It was lots of fun.

Design Team Layout

So I haven't blogged in a while about any of my scrap booking layouts and I loved this one so I thought I would share. The line of paper is Carolee's Creation Fern. Carolee's is probably my 2nd most favorite paper line or I guess I should say that it is the 2nd most bought in my paper boxes after Basic Grey. I was really scared as I started to look for ideas and found basically nothing except the one layout on Carolee's site but it was so easy to work with and I did these 5 cards and my layout in about an hour which is really fast. Hope you all enjoy.