Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our 10th Anniversary Trip

WARNING very long post:

Derek and I at the top of the mountain

What the cable car looks like coming up

Happy Anniversary

The score when we were all happy this last for 6 and a half innings

Our Captain

At the Game

This one is for you Chrissy

To bad there isn't instant replay in baseball or they probably would have seen this guy was really out.

Derek spent most of the game like this

My Family

The windmills of Palm Springs

Our nieces Isabelle and Maddy

Derek and Aly being silly at the Lego store in Downtown Disney

My sis Aly and I at Santa Monica Pier

We had an amazing 5 days away from it all. We left on Thursday and got my sister Aly who flew into LAX also. This was all of course a surprise for my parents b/c later that night they thought they were getting Aly but they actually got my other sister Kelsie who now lives in PA. So we drove Aly to meet my brother Dan and his wife Bekah and then we headed to Palm Springs where our best friends Dave and Patty were at in a time share. We went to In-N-Out burger for lunch, bought our tickets for The Dark Knight in the IMAX, went on the Ariel Tram which is a cable car that you end up on the top of the mountain at 8,000 ft it was beautiful once we got up there. I didn't much like the ride up but I did it. We waited till it got dark to then go down and that was awesome to see all the city lights as we traveled down the tram, then we went to Tony Romo's for dinner. Friday was then our anniversary of 10 years I can't believe that we have been married that long. We spent the morning alone just chilling at our hotel and then meet my dad, mom, sisters Kelsie and Chrissy with Dave and Patty for lunch. We went swimming that day and then to the mall for Cold Stone Creamery I LOVE THEIR ICE CREAM. Then it was time for the fancy dinner at Melvin's. It was wonderful and very classy. But it can get very expensive so I would suggest for all of you that are dirt poor like us to only go when it is a special occasion. Then it was time for Batman in the IMAX and for all you that know Derek he was very excited. The movie was unbelievable, very intense and we will have to go see it again so I can catch everything for a second time. On Saturday it was another big day we were all off to the Red Sox vs Angels game. There was 17 of us and we all had a wonderful time I would say till about the bottom of the sixth when they scored 4 runs to make the score 4 to 2 and we never did catch up but it was awesome just to be there and see our beloved team GO RED SOX. All that matters is what happens in October and I have all the faith they will be there. after we went to the game we all went to cheesecake factory for dinner kind of a mess to take 19 of us (my 2 cousins met us there) but it worked out. On Sunday Derek and I said good bye to Patty and Dave and headed for Lake Elsinore to my brothers new house that the rest of the family helped him move into over the weekend. We spent the afternoon together and then Derek, Aly, and I went to Downtown Disney for dinner and the fireworks. Monday sadly was our last day so we meet our other brother Jason for lunch in LA near UCLA where he works after lunch we drove to the Santa Monica Pier and walked around and got wet in the water. It was a wonderful vacation and I loved just being with Derek to have fun.

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Candi said...

wow it looks like you guys had a great time! congrats. The kids are growing so fas Nikki I can't believe it. I miss you and your family.