Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Reason Nikki hates to Cook

Ok so I am know to not be a good cook and it is a joke around our house that when Derek started to date me and married me he thought he was getting this amazing women who could cook, sew, and would clean because she has a degree in Home Ec Education. But the truth is I have always hated to cook and didn't have to do it lots growing up because my sister Aly loved to cook and always did. So I thought it would be fun to make homemade chocolate chip cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve with Ashley (Tanis had no interest in it). So I got it all mixed up and when it was done I said this looks really liquidy compared to ones I have made before but I showed Ashley how to drop them on the pan and we got it done and started to bake them. I looked in on them when there was about 1 minute left and the whole cookie sheet was one flat cookie and it was almost dripping off the pan. I called Linda (my mother in law) in and we started to laugh. She asked did you use the small round container for the flour. I said yes and then she told me oh no that is the powdered sugar. So my cookies had no flour just 2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar and I had doubled the amount of chocolate chips because I hate not having enough. Needless to say the were very sweet. I was able to put the right amount of flour in to the mix and they turned out fine but they are a little hard. You can see the 2 different batches in the picture. So from now on Santa I am sorry but you will probably get store bought cookies.


Heather said...

I hated to cook until I got married...and I realized that I really liked doing it. The only thing I didn't like doing is making cookies. I have worked hard and learned the exact how to's to make Shawn's favorite cookies...but that is usually the most I still do.
Did Linda put the powdered sugar in the flour container...cause the cookie problem really would be her fault for not telling you that she put powdered sugar in there:)

Nikki Peterson said...

No I just assumed it was the flour and didn't ask. And I couldn't tell the difference till she got the flour container. I am a person who has none of my baking goods in containers so I know what everything is or I would have them labeled.

Liz said...

I just found your blog. That picture of Wyatt naked with all the stuffed animals is hysterical. Why do kids do that? Seriously.