Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Moving trip to AZ

The Moving Truck that was filled to the top and from front to back.

Circus Circus the hotel we stayed at in Las Vegas

Walking the strip

Tanis and Ashley in front of the water show at the Bellagio

The Hoover Dam

Our trip took us 4 days. The kids did really great with that many days in the car. we got to see Grandma Grandpa Great Hegstrom, Uncle Glenn, Aunt Debbie, Chelsey, and Micheal. Then we got to spend a day in Vegas what an adventure that was. We ate at a nasty buffet and then wanted to see the water show at the Bellagio and didn't realize how far it was from Circus Circus so we didn't make it to see the show. 2 Miles in the heat 13 days after having a baby was nuts and so we sent Derek back to get the van while the rest of sat in front of Ceaser's Palace looking like bums and getting really weird looks. Of course this was at 12am in the morning. So the next day we drove there and parked in the parking garage to see the water show. It was still beautiful even in the day time. Then we headed out to my parents and got as far as Hoover Dam and they told Derek he couldn't go over the Dam with the moving truck b/c he couldn't show them 80% of his load. I was already over the Dam and not turning around on a Friday night when the traffic was bumper to bumper for like 5 miles. So we waited in Kingman, AZ for 1 1/2 hours for him , his dad, and Tanis while they went a different way. But we did all make it to Peoria, AZ safe and sound. It was hard to take the in laws to the airport and see them go but at least we know we will see them again soon.

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