Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011

Devon, Season, Ashley, and Kyna at Disney on Ice

Aunt Kelsie and Ashley at Disney on Ice

Aunt Kelsie took Ashley to Disney on Ice with some of her friends from work with their grandson, and nieces also. They had so much fun. It has been a blessing to have Kelsie so close to us to make up for the things that we can't do. And for the time she spends with them while I go to school.

Wyatt turned 4 I can not believe he is this old already. He insisted on having everything Batman and was even confident that Batman was coming to his birthday party. So this took some careful planning on my part to find someone that could fit into Derek's Batman outfit and come to the party. My good friend Kim's son was such a sport to do it and did an amazing job. Wyatt loved it and was so excited that Batman was there and that he even brought him a gift. He loved all his gifts and loved his Batman cake. Wyatt is sure becoming such an amazing little man. His language has grown leaps and bounds from going to school and he thoroughly enjoys going. They have even talked about moving him into the other preschool class next year which is more like being in Kindergarten with less teachers and more kids not on IEP's. I think this will be a marvelous thing for his growth and I am excited to see him grow into who he is.

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