Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

Tanis with his group buiding a structure as tall as they could with a certain amount of blocks
What they finally came up with
Wyatt playing on ASU's campus during Tanis's competition

Tanis's main group that built a rocket.

Headed over to launch

There it goes

Opening up the rocket to check the astronauts to see if they survived

One of the 2 survived the launch.

Where I spend the next 20 weeks of my life.
The month of February brought a big change in our life. I started full time clinicals and was assigned to University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.  This meant I would have to travel during most of the week and not be home with the family.  I knew it would give me amazing experience for the future with it being a teaching hospital and the only Level 1 Trauma Hospital in southern AZ.  (This is the highest level of truama).  But I also knew it was going to be a big sacrifice for all of us.  Most weeks I would leave Sunday night and come home on Wednesday or Thursday night.  It ended up working out and in the end I don't think I would have changed it.  The other fun thing that we had was Tanis competed in Regional's at MESA (this stands for Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement).  His group built a rocket from a 2 liter soda bottle.  They had to protect 2 astronauts which were eggs and launch it to see how far it would go and if any of the eggs broke or cracked.  It also could only weigh so much.  It was fun to see him compete. 

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