Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Events for One Night

Tanis was involved in 2 events and they happened to get scheduled the same night so it was a very busy night for us. The first one was called the Wax Museum where all the 4th graders chose a scientist and became that person. Tanis was Roy Chapman Andrews who discovered dragon eggs and the velociraptor. They wrote a speech and had to memorize it and we would push on their hand and they would come alive and say their speech. It was a really neat night and Tanis was very excited to do it. Then we had to run over to the middle school for his orchestra concert. He has been playing the violin this year and has done very well. I am not sure that he wants to do it anymore but the exposure was really good for him. And we all know what a concert sounds like with those that are first year players. It has been fun for me though to see him develop in this talent and him making the decision to keep it up or not at the end of the school year. He truly is an amazing boy.

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