Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter and 10 months old

Elora is now pulling herself to standing and walking along the furniture. She skipped the whole crawling stage and I am so not ready for her to be mobile.

She is really a good girl happy, and has the most awesome laugh. She cries only when she falls from trying to stand and walk or when she is hungry. Although she does have a personality and we do call her drama but what can you expect from a Peterson/Hosford girl.

Wyatt loved Easter eggs again this year and his favorite color or maybe it's just the only color he knows so far is yellow so the Easter Bunny left him all yellow eggs.

So when we gave Elora her basket she grabbed the chocolate bunny and started trying to eat the box to get to it. Man she is already a woman who loves her chocolate and she hasn't even tasted it yet.

Ashley surprised me this year. The night before they got their baskets she informed my sister Kelsie that the Easter bunny always leaves them a book. I was like oh crap well guess she's not getting one this year. I just couldn't believe that she remembered that. So then when she came into to our room at 6:30 am after seeing her baskets she told Derek, "Dad I saw my basket and I got Barbie Mermaid movie and I am not excited anymore about my basket." I wanted to cry I was so sad. I asked her later if she wanted me to send it back to the Easter bunny so she could get something different but she said no and she has watched the movie over and over so I think she actually really does like it.

Tanis on the other hand begged for the Chipmunk Squeakquel. He was so excited to get that movie.

I had to add this picture of Wyatt it is just so him. Needless to say we had fun dying our eggs that got hid at Nana and Papa's house.

This year before we did all the commercial/secular stuff I wanted to take my kids to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. It is our first year here to be able to see it and it was fabulous. This is the last scene of the Savior after he is resurrected. It reminded me a lot of going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant as a kid. This one though was about the Savior's life from his birth through his resurrection. We were in the very last row so it was hard to see but the spirit was there and I know the oldest 2 kids enjoyed it. Next year we will have to try to get there earlier so we can be closer so they can see more.

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Heather said...

I really enjoyed this post. It looks like you guys are having fun.