Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011

Wyatt's class went on a field trip to Peter Piper Pizza and I got to go with him. He had so much fun playing and earning tickets. They also got to take a tour of where they make the pizzas and then make there own.

Here he is with Ms. Marvel his speech therapist making his pizza.

Over Easter weekend Derek and I went to Lake Charles, LA for his brothers wedding. We left the kids home with my folks and had a blast. The picture above is of a duck we saw there. Weirdest looking duck I have ever seen in my life.

For the Rehearsal dinner we went to a place called Steamboat Bill's. We had craw fish for the first time and they were so good spicy but good. Devan is here teaching mom and dad how to eat them.

Here's a close up of the craw fish. Like a miniature lobster.

Near the hotel they had a gator pond so we went there 2 different times to see the gators. They were probably just babies. This was about as high as any of them would ever come out of the water.

It's Wedding Day. Here are the guys leaving to go to the hall. Steve, Asan, Devan, and Derek

Derek escorting Harmony down the aisle

Here are Devan and Derek's feet. As a gift Devan bought all the groomsmen Converse and had them specially designed. It was so unique and so Devan. They all looked so good.

Here's the happy couple exchanging vows. Becky and Devan

Cutting the cake. This is one of the 2 they had. So beautiful

First Dance

To leave the reception they had a horse drawn carriage. It was beautiful. Can't tell to well in the picture how pretty it was. You can tell though how thick the humidity was there.

One of the last things we did was drive around the town and saw lots of the different historical homes that are on the historical registry. They were all so different, unique, and most were huge. Lake Charles was a beautiful place to visit and we were so glad we got to go and be there for Becky and Devan.

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