Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 2011

I love this picture of Wyatt and Uncle Branden walking on the beach just wish it was in focus.

We got to go to San Diego for a weekend in May to see my sister Aly and Hyrum get married. Friday night before the marriage we had a bonfire on the bay with Hyrum's family and ours and some close friends that were in town also. It was so cold to us from Phoenix but we had fun roasting marshmallows and the kids loved being able to run around the grass and sand.

Here is my beautiful family at the San Diego Temple. The next few pictures I wanted to have each one have an individual picture and the end result was great but it took help from my brother standing behind me make faces or bunny ears to get the smiles I wanted.

Hyrum and Aly walking out of the temple

The previous few pictures where so funny. With each shot Wyatt just melted. He was done taking pictures for sure. I can't to shows these to him as he gets older.

Tanis and my brother Jason at the reception. We thought they looked a lot alike since Tanis got his head buzzed.

Here's my brother Dan who was the only one tall enough at the time to get these beautiful lanterns hung.

My dad did a ring exchange for Aly and Hyrum for those that weren't able to be in the temple with them. He was very sweet.

Kelsie with Claire (on the left) my brother Dan and sister in law Beka daughter and Elora (on the right) my daughter at the reception. This is how you see Kelsie all the time must be all that daycare experience.

The first dance

Daddy Daughter Dance. It only lasted like 30 seconds cause my father has a hurt back. The other problem was an issue with the sound system we had so we could barely here the music. There was just to many funny things that happened that day and night. What matter the most was that they got married in the temple for time and all eternity.

Feeding each other their cheesecake.

Then on Sunday before we left town we went to Sea World. It was so much fun and loved the shows.

The Sea Lion Show

The Dolphin Show

The Shamu Show

Us at the end of the day completely sun burned but totally had enjoyed ourselves.

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