Friday, July 1, 2011

July 2011

Ashley with her sparkler

Wyatt with his sparkler

Tanis with his sparkler

This is the amazing desert my sister Christina made. It only took a butcher knife sawing through it and a spatula to be able to taste how yummy it was.

My Tanis turned 12 on the 30th. I just can't believe he is this old. These are only some of the presents he got. Funny boy after opening them all said,"That's it." We told him it was more than any of us ever got. That's just his personality coming out now.

Both sets of grandparents got him a set of very nice new scriptures and had his name imprinted on them. This was a special birthday for him

His big gift from us was Hagrid's Hut Lego set. He was pretty happy about this gift.

I had to add this picture in. Funniest thing was as Linda my mother in law and I were wrapping Tanis's gifts Wyatt insisted that he needed to have this Batman book wrapped for Tanis. It is a book we have had for a very long time. But Wyatt would not here of anything else but wrapping it and giving it to Tanis. So we did and Tanis was like what? We all had a pretty good laugh over this one.

Tanis told us that he want a Harry Potter Red Sox cake. My sister Kelsie has a friend who makes cakes so we asked her to do it and this is what she came up with. It was really cute. Harry is even wearing a Red Sox baseball cap.

Blowing his candles out

Here is a close up of the ball cap

Tanis on Sunday after being ordained a Deacon

Tanis and Derek

Tanis, Wyatt, Ashley, and Elora my beautiful children

Derek, Tanis, Kent (Derek's dad), Bill (my dad)

Elora, Derek, Wyatt, Tanis, Ashley, and Me

Kent, Linda, Branden, Kelsie, Elora, Derek, Me, Chrissy, Virgina,Bill, Tanis, Wyatt, and Ashley

The whole clan that came for Tanis's priesthood ordination. It was a special day. When the Bishop had Tanis come to the stand to be sustained he didn't raise his hand. So the Bishop tried to get him to raise his hand and of course my son had to have an entire analytical conversation with the Bishop about it in front of the whole congreation. Mind you we were having a missionary farewell that day so the chapel was jam packed. I was totally embarressed but what should I expect from this boy of mind. I am so proud of him though for making this choice and following our Heavenly Father's plan.

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