Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011

So we had the first day of school. The kids were so excited to get back to school. Tanis started 7th grade, Ashley is in 4th, and Wyatt is in his 2nd full year of preschool. Mommy was so happy too to have them back to a schedule. Elora couldn't be left out of having her picture taken though so she posed by the door for us.

Our other big thing this month was our Ashley turned 10. She was so excited to open her presents. We had her party a day early because mommy would be at school on her actual birthday. She got some pretty awesome stuff. She was very excited about getting her boombox. And then came the gift that us adults had been dieing to see her reaction from. Her Aunt Kelsie and Uncle Branden bought Taylor Swift concert tickets for her to go to in October with Aunt Kelsie. They had boxes inside of boxes and then finally she got to the last one and saw these 2 papers and had no clue what they were. She was very confused until we explained it and then she was screaming and hugging her aunt. We then had cake and ice cream. I couldn't leave the last picture out of Elora eating ice cream out of the bowel like she did that night it was so hilarious to us.

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