Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inspired by another

I recently read a blog of a family that lost their 18 month old daughter this summer. One of her posts was Would you have done anything different? It really touched me and has really made me ponder about the way I am being a mother to these 4 precious children. I guess it really hit me because Elora is almost that age and she is my last and so everything she does are the lasts for me. So lately I've been holding her a little longer, trying to listen to the oldest 2 when they want to tell something without getting impatient or angry with them if it is taking to long, and observing Wyatt while he still explores and figures things out. I don’t want to have any regrets once they are big and grown or heaven forbid something else tragic happen to take them away from me on this earth. So I am also going to make an effort to take more pictures. I know how is that possible cause I am the queen of pictures. But this last year or so I really haven’t taken many pictures of our everyday life. Of course I have it for the big events or when we go somewhere special but I want to remember the everyday things too. If you would like to read the couples blog and see the strength of this couple the here is the link they truly are amazing to me.

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