Thursday, October 7, 2010

September 2010

September brought a couple of things for us. The public library does a reading program during the summer that I have the kids do. The ultimate prize at the end is a free ticket to a Diamondbacks game. There are a few different dates that you can choose from so we try to go to a game when they are playing the San Fransisco Giants as that is Uncle Branden's team and has made us fans also. We are still #1 fans to the Red Sox but we can have a team in the NL also. So we got to go to a game and we sat in nose bleed seats for about 1 inning and decided to move down to where they have bleachers much better. They other fun thing we had was a Bridal shower for my sister Kelsie. We did a pink and black polka dot luau theme. We had a lot of fun. The cake was amazing probably the best cake I have ever tasted. One of Kelsie's friends mom did it so sorry friends that are far away.

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