Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few Highlights from August

So I thought I would just highlight some of the month and not post like a million posts. It was a long month for mom but we also had some good times.We had constant Light Saber wars.
Wyatt loves to play now and will bring you the light saber if it is closed and grunt to ask you to open it.

A family party for Tanis's birthday

Wyatt has learned the art of climbing. Mostly on to the table, so I have had to make sure it is constantly empty or we get this him with a box of cereal or a dumped glass of liquid.

A day at the Moscow pool. I am such a bad mom I only took pictures of Wyatt. He thought the water spouts were so fun to push down and spent a long time doing it. The fact is the other 2 were almost never to be found swimming with all their friends.

Climbing into bed with brother one night.

Ashley's birthday and she had to have a Hannah Montana cake. This is the only time it is allowed in my home. Only because I don;t want to encourage Ashley to grow any faster than she is.

All in all it was a fun month.


J. Belmont Hosford said...

Ashley kind of looks like Christina in that picture with her birthday cake.

Virginia said...

Cool cakes!