Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Layouts for Kit Club from the month of August

This is my favorite one from this month. We had to use the word blessed in our layout. I sewed, used white paint, and chipboard.

This layout was fun to do I used paint with a sponge to get a watery look. Originally the paper was white. As one of my friends says if you don't like the color of the paper paint over it and make it what you like. I also sewed on this layout.

This layout was the 3rd challenge where we used a sketch. If you know me there are very few originals I love to use sketches or as we call it scrap lift.

This 2 page layout was another of the challenges where we had to interview someone. I did Tanis b/c I knew all his favorites during that period of his life.

These are just 2 cards I did with the left over scraps I had.
I enjoy this club so much it really makes me stretch sometimes to think of ways to use the paper and still be my style. Hope you enjoy.

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Heather said...

You are really good at this. I always find it fun to look at what others come up with, and then steal ideas from them;)