Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Saturday

Ornaments and the other class is a hot pad/mitt class

Picture Tile Board

Wood Plague to hang your stockings on

Table Runners (there are 12 but we are only doing 2 November and Decembers) and the glass vase doesn't come with it just showing what you can add to the runners.

Mommy and little girl aprons

Christmas Card, Bag, and Tag

So I am in charge of our Super Saturday this year and I am so excited. Heavenly Father really gave me the inspiration in picking my committee. Besides the fact that they are all very talented, one of them has been very supportive in a personal way. I know that the ladies were put into my life for a reason at this time. So I wanted to post the pics of the samples of the projects we are doing so if any of you that actually read my blog like any you can get them if you would like to.


Robin said...

Auntie Robin wants stockings hungs with care and ceramic tile picture frame. Love and hugs...

Wall Envy said...

I saw your blog online and loved your stuff! I thought you might like to browse my vinyl lettering blog sometime!

I love your picture board you made, I had a client use my vinyl lettering in addition to the board picture. Thought I'd throw this idea out there! I'm the cheapest around for vinyl, so let me know if I can ever help you out with anything :) (you can see a picture of it on my slideshow on my blog)

Us creative girls gotta stick together! ha ha